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To our valued customers,

Geophysical Surveying Co. Ltd. (GSC), established in 1976, has been providing borehole measurement services for oil & natural gas wells, geothermal wells, hot spring wells, earthquake observation wells for over 40 years. In 1979, Japan Petroleum Exploration Co., Ltd. (JAPEX) participated in the GSC management, also GSC introduced a mud-logging system to start drilling operation monitoring for oil & natural gas wells. In 1994, the slick line service division was transferred from JAPEX to expand the borehole measurement service. GSC has developed our own high-heat-resistant production logging tool and digital mud logging SSX system, with introducing the latest logging tools such as high temperature borehole televiewer, resistivity-type image, and dipole sonic to enhance the equipment and expand the service. Recently, GSC has introduced an optical fiber measurement system (DAS, DTS), which are useful for various long-term monitoring.  Also, we have developed our own hot spring monitoring system, named "Oyureko", which measures the flow rate, temperature, and conductivity of hot springs. That providing these data to customers in real time via internet, is contributing to hot spring maintenance.

Currently, to protect the global environment from global warming, active CO2 reduction efforts are required to achieve a carbon-neutral, decarbonized society by 2050. Under these circumstances, our borehole measurement technology is being utilized in the geothermal development and CCS business, expected to be an effective CO2 reduction method. In geothermal development and CCS business, borehole operation is required under the harsh environments with high temperature, high pressure, and high corrosiveness. Under such environments, appropriate reservoir management and maintenance should be required for sustainable operation. GSC has the equipment suitable for high temperature, high pressure, and corrosion to acquire and provide high quality, reliable data. We will contribute to achieve a carbon-free society through the provision of safe and efficient services, such with the latest measurement technology by optical fiber sensing or drilling monitoring services by IoT.

Based on our technical capabilities cultivated through many years of experience, GSC will continue to actively introduce and develop the leading equipment/technologies, to provide both high quality data and reliable services, which meet new needs and contribute to developing a sustainable society. Kenji Kaneko
Geophysical Surveying Co., Ltd.


Name of the Company
Geophysical Surveying Co., Ltd (GSC)
October 23, 1976
Main Office
Ehara Bldg.2F, 1-5-7 Kaji-Cho Chiyoda-Ku, TOKYO 101-0044 JAPAN
PHONE: +81-3-5294-6711 FAX: +81-3-5294-6718
Nagaoka Branch
2-4-14 Nishiaramachi Nagaoka-Shi, NIGATA 940-0024 JAPAN
PHONE: +81-258-36-5021 FAX: +81-258-34-0343
JPY 446 million
Representative Director
Kenji Kaneko, President
Number of Employees
72 as of June 27,2023
Wireline Logging Services (Geophysical Logging, Borehole Imaging Logging, Cased Hole Logging, Tectonic Stress Measuring, etc)
Casing Hole Services (Perforating, Back-Off Services, Bridge Plug and Packer Services, etc)
Mud Logging Services (Drilling Parameter, Mud Parameter, Mud Gas Services)
Slickline Services (Slickline Measuring, Slickline Casing Inspection and Slickline Packer Services, etc)
Consultants and Log Interpretation
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